Our pumps are built on over 75 years of time-tested performance, flexible and innovative design, and pump engineering excellence.Our tough, reliable parts, diverse product lines, and a host of customization options make them the perfect choice for almost any application. From processing, to metering, to transferring Tuthill has a pump that can meet your needs with quality that won't let you down.                                                                                                                      

                                   What Kind of Pump Do You Want?

Process Pumps  TUT-PROCESS PUMP Select  Tuthill Process Pumps, available in positive displace internal gear and circumferential piston designs, successfully handle the toughest process applications, including extremely high viscosity, abrasive, and shear sensitive fluids. API676 and API674 configuration are available, and iron and alloy construction satisfy avariety of chemical transfer requirements.
Miniature Magnetically-Coupled  TUT-MINITURE MAG COUPLED   Select Tuthill miniature magnetically coupled pumps provide a leak free, precise, non pulsing flow for thin fluids.When the pump is combined with electronic controls, it provides users with a high level of accuracy for dosing and metering applications. Available in alloy and plastic construction, it also handles corrosive liquid applications successfully. 
Chemical Transfer Pumps  TUT-CHEMICAL TRANSFER Select  For pumping chemicals such as DEF, acids, caustics, detergents, solvents, and agricultural chemicals.
Lubrication & Circulation Pumps  TUT-LUB-CIRCU PUMPS Select  Tuthill lubrication pumps handle a wide range of viscosities and sustain a constant flow at any pressure. The positive displacement internal gear design allows users to successfully handle high viscosity liquids.
  Fuel Transfer Pumps  TUT-FUEL TRANSFER Select For pumping fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and light oils.